[Sugar-devel] Sugar App Launcher

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon May 22 02:30:57 EDT 2017

G'day Sebastian,

Good start.  Instead, let's integrate into Sugar;

1.  in home view, which at the moment has favourites view and list
view icon [1], add a second list view which parses and lists the
translated application names of all desktop files, along with any

2.  if an entry is clicked, start the desktop file,

3.  add a favourite star next to each desktop file, and if a desktop
file in the list is marked as favourite, then add it to the favourites
view, preserving the state in the favorite_activities file,

4.  if a desktop file in the favourites view is clicked, start the
desktop file,

5.  extend the scope of the search to include desktop files,

6.  make no journal change when a desktop file is started,

7.  fix any frame, modal or focus bugs.


1.  https://help.sugarlabs.org/en/home_view.html

James Cameron

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