[Sugar-devel] Sugar App Launcher

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Sat May 20 00:25:41 EDT 2017

Hi Sugar-devel!

I keep reading '%s doesn't run in Sugar' % ('Scratch', 'File Manager',
'Modern Browser', 'blender', 'libreoffice', ...).

Once upon a time Sugar was dreamed to be an independent platform, but in
all sincerity we are an unconventional desktop environment for
GNU/Linux, and we should embrace this reality.

Over the years I've slowly assumed the task of nudging Sugar to comply
with FreeDesktop standards
<https://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Features/FreeDesktop_integration> for
interoperability with the rest of the ecosystem.

I choose to work on very specific features at a time, as I can.

Recently I want to give Sugar to my own children, but they will need
access to Tuxpaint, SuperTux, Krita, SweetHome3D, Blender, Libreoffice...

So finally I've come up with a feature design proposal.

I'd like to add a Whisker Menu / App finder widget to Sugar. It should
be minimal impact, could even work as an Activity, to mimic the
Application Finder of XFCE:

Of course it should be simplified, to fit the Sugar design, but
functionally it should traverse the .desktop files available, launch
applications and offer to put application icons in the Sugar Home View.

The least impactful way to integrate this into Sugar, is writing it as
an Activity, and then adding a function for Sugar to launch commands by
hotkeys. Then, binding "Windows key" or "Search Key" to it.

Would be nice to read your thoughts.



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