[Sugar-devel] [wiki bug] Roadmap Sugar Labs - Ambiguity detected on how to make Decisions

Laura Vargas laura at somosazucar.org
Sat May 6 09:29:15 EDT 2017

Hola a todos!

During yesterday's meeting there was evident confusion among members
regarding Sugar Labs decision-making process. Specifically, we had not
clear if non-SLOBs members were welcome or not to propose motions during a

I propose to correct the third sentence of the Decisions description on our
wiki page it says:


"Due to confusion about Sugar Labs governance, during 2016 several members
of the project not on the SLOB posted motions, but these were not seconded,
and have been struck out to show they were considered by some SLOB members
are invalid."

I suggest Option A to reduce to zero the ambiguity:

Option A:
"Sugar Labs governance model encourages members of the project not on the
SLOB to post motions by email sending the proposed text to SLOBs,
Sugar-devel, Sugar Sur and IAEP mailing lists."

Additional options to modify the text from SLOBs and non SLOBs members
highly appreciated; lets make an effort to make it cristal clear.

Best regards and blessings from the largest forest ;D
Laura V.
* I&D SomosAZUCAR.Org*

“Solo la tecnología libre nos hará libres.”
~ Laura Victoria

Happy Learning!
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