[Sugar-devel] Sugarizer Sugar-web ActivityTemplate broken?

Lionel Laské lionel.laske at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 11:15:56 EDT 2017

Hi Sebastian,

When you said "no errors in the logs" do you mean the Sugar log ?
Is there any error in the browser console error ?

The symptom "activity icon not colored" always means that the activity
failed to initialize Sugar-Web stack.
Specifically it means that "activity.setup()" call failed (or never
happen). This call is here [1] in the ActivityTemplate. May be you could
inspect what going wrong in your case on this call.

Best regards from France.



2017-03-25 16:09 GMT+01:00 Sebastian Silva <sebastian at fuentelibre.org>:

> I'm creating my first web activity and I've used the ActivityTemplate
> from Sugarizer repository.
> However I'm failing to get my activity to run under Sugar.
> The same happens when I try to run any of the Sugar-web activities
> contained in `activities/` directory of Sugarizer repository.
> However when I download Markdown.activity from ASLO, I am able to run it.
> The failure consists of the activity icon not becoming colored and no
> datastore object being created. Furthermore, there are no errors in the
> logs that I can find.
> I'm testing with Sugar 0.110 as packaged in Debian Testing.
> Thanks for your help and hard work!
> Sebastian
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