[Sugar-devel] School Management Backend Gsoc 2017

Rohit Lodha rohit.lodhartg at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 19:27:16 EDT 2017

After going through a whole lot of articles, I have framed the following
database structure connecting primary needs of a school management system.
The portal can be made with Django and sqlite/postgres database with easy
integration with sugar.

   - 4 types of user -  Admin,Teacher, Student, Parent ( With appropriate
   database fields and permissions)
   - Teacher, Student, Parents can register themselves on the System or
   admin can create them
         - Admin can accept any request.
         - Teacher can accept student request which are in their class
         - Parents will be added only if the student is registered
   - Subject :- A database for adding/removing subject. ( With fields like
   name, teachers, grading system)
         - Teachers and Admin can register subjects
         - each subject will have a no. of teachers assigned and a class
   timing for each teacher is also set.
         -  each student is assigned a no. of subjects with specific
   teacher.( Either student register themselves and await            teacher's
   confirmation or teacher registers students)
   - Subject Material: - Teachers can upload grades, assignments, study
   materials and can review each student performance in this portal.( Parents
   can view their child's performance)
   - Class Schedule:- Each subject teacher and a student will have a class
   schedule attached to them. They can view upcoming classes for a week/month.
   - Attendance:- Each Class schedule have attendance database connected. (
   Date,Student,Present or not)
         - A similar daily attendance feature for teachers.
   - Student Promotion:- To promote a student to the new academic year.
   - Fees Management:- Managing receipt and dues of students.
   - Teachers Payroll :- Managing salary of teachers and budget of the

Different views that will be created for respective audience are-

   - A News Board:- where admin and teachers can update/notify students and
   - A Calendar:- Showing Academic Schedule of the year.
   - Exam List:- Date and Venue

Apart from this, other features that can be added to this system

   - Online exam feature:- A portal for conducting and managing online
   - Hostel Management
   - Library Management
   - Transport Management for Students.
   - Chat feature

All these features can be made to support multi curriculum//boards.

-Rohit Lodha
Gitlab profile : https://gitlab.com/rtgdk
Github profile: https://github.com/rtgdk
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