[Sugar-devel] Installing Sugar on standard PCs

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Tue Mar 7 00:20:07 EST 2017

I have tried to install Sugar on standard PCs (specifically a BGH 
Positivo from Rwanda). This computer has UEFI with secure boot enabled.

     I was able to install Ubuntu 16.04 from a usb stick in a 100GB 
partition. From this I was able to install Sugar with sudo apt-get 
install sucrose. The about computer shows this version to be 0.106. 
Sugar is executable at boot (or login) time by specifying the sugar 

     I was able to create a SOAS usb stick on Windows 8 using Rufus. 
Rufus has an iso mode which I used. The SOAS stick booted. The about 
computer showed it to be 0.108.

Rufus is easily available for installation on a Windows 8/10 system.

So the most urgent task seems to be to update the Sugar Labs web site 
'Get Sugar' to document how to install Sugar at least in these two cases.


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