[Sugar-devel] Sugar on Raspberry Pi(GSOC 2017)

Rishabh Thaney rishabhthaney at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 15:33:01 EST 2017

Hey everyone

I am Rishabh Thaney, a second year engineering student pursuing Electronics
and Electrical Engineering. I would really like to contribute to the Sugar
Labs community and participate in GSOC 2017. I am interested in working on
the project idea  "Sugar on Raspberry Pi".

I have been working in Texas Instruments Centre for Embedded Product
Design(TI-CEPD), and have some exposure to SOCs like Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone
as well as Arduino and MSP430.

I have some experience with python, linux systems and have working
knowledge of C,C++.
I have set up the development environment and earlier I was also making an
activity for sugar using PyGame.

Can someone please provide me with some more information regarding this
idea and help me get started?
Does the project require sugar to be bundled as a standalone OS like

Rishabh Thaney
IRC nick: Rishabh42
Github profile: https://github.com/Rishabh42
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