[Sugar-devel] Sugar on Windows

Hrishi Patel hrishipatel99 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 08:55:05 EST 2017


We earlier had a similar discussion about it : https://www.mail-archive.com/
iaep at lists.sugarlabs.org/msg17901.html

The idea is similar, we could set up Sugar on Windows easily, with the help
of "Windows Subsystem for Linux". A few countries mainly use Windows as
their main platform (for education), because students are supposed to use
it as their syllabus (board) has many Microsoft-related subjects (for

I will soon try to make a setup/installer for this.

I have linked a GIF below.

Note : This only supports Windows 10. I am not running this on any VM (I am
running  Windows on my laptop, dual-booted for testing).

Thanks :D

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