[Sugar-devel] Guidance for contributing in Sugar Labs

Hrishi Patel hrishipatel99 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 22:39:10 EST 2017

Hello, you can first get started from here : https://developer.sugarlabs.org,
setup sugar development environment. You can also checkout :

You can join IRC at #sugar if you have any queries.

On Dec 31, 2017 12:17 AM, "Mann Shah" <mannshah2712 at gmail.com> wrote:

My name is Mann Shah and I am a first year undergrad student at

I have quite lately been interested in contributing towards the open source
organisation and I find your organization the most appropriate one.I
am familiar
with c, java, python and Django. I have done some basic web development
using html and css along with python as back-end.

I request you to please guide me through which projects I can contribute, how
to install your codebase and how to get started to your organisation. I
will also be looking forward to participating in GSoC'18.

Thanking You,
Mann Shah.

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