[Sugar-devel] Strange problem, a big size number in xo4's screen.

Buddhi Tuladhar buddhi.tuladhar at olenepal.org
Wed Dec 13 05:04:13 EST 2017

Dear all,

I am facing this strange problem in XO4. Every time i start xo4 a *big size
number* appears in screen eg 10,16 . Below i have links of the picture of
xo4 screen. this problem appears after flashing the xo with the custom
image i build, it is not frequent but sometimes while flashing xo4's
firmware, it gets stuck in the middle and everything stops. After that only
thing i can do is to press power button and off it, then after that if i
try to on the xo, *big size number *appears. I cannot even go to "ok
prompt" to re flash the xo. It is creating a big problem for me. If anyone
can guide me to solve this problem i would be very thankful.


Buddhi Raj Tuladhar,
OLE Nepal Tech Team
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