[Sugar-devel] Poll activty translation with gettext

Sebastian Silva sebastian at fuentelibre.org
Tue Aug 29 23:50:35 EDT 2017


We should strive to let contributors help without bottlenecks.

For what is worth, you can obtain a new pot file with the command
`python setup.py genpot` when you run it in the activity directory.

Then, you will need to merge the untranslated `.pot` strings into the
already translated `es.po`.

This can be done with `msgmerge -U es.po Poll.pot` (assuming Poll.pot)
is the file generated in the previous step.

Then you could make a pull request with the updated pot and po files.

Hope this helps!


On 29/08/17 14:47, Jammily Ortigoza wrote:
> As you can see, Poll is fully translated for "es" in
> translate.sugarlabs.org <http://translate.sugarlabs.org> but it has
> missing strings due to staled es.po file. What is the procedure to
> update es.po file with latest changes based in POT file into
> translate.sugarlabs.org <http://translate.sugarlabs.org>? 

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