[Sugar-devel] [sugarlabs/sugar] Revert "Fixed Issue: #4940 Journal entries name can be renamed to blank" (#752)

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Wed Apr 26 04:33:21 EDT 2017

What 'finer points' do you feel are outstanding?

Here is the checklist -

  * Flake8 in alerts.py fixed
    Please note - There are already existing flake8 errors before this
    PR. I would suggest fixing them in a separate PR rather than
    including in this one.
  * Branch rebased to the latest commit.
  * Variable name use for gsettings is |'_save_as_enabled'| since
    another variable with |_save_as| name has already been used in lot
    of places. And there are other existing gsettings variables in Sugar
    which go by this naming style - |gsetting_name_enabled| so should
    not be a problem.
  * Commit message updated with reference page
  * Check settings everytime rather than save it at startup
  * Add new |GConf| value to sugar schema for Save-As
    PR - sugarlabs/sugar#751 <https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/pull/751>
  * Add save-as functionality to |sugar-toolkit|
    PR - sugarlabs/sugar-toolkit#4

Utkarsh shows that he has addressed all of the issues.


On 04/26/2017 03:52 PM, James Cameron wrote:
> I don't think they have appreciated the finer points that are 
> discovered on careful review of the patch, and it is those finer 
> points I've asked Utkarsh to respond to. No need to list them again, 
> as they are over on sugarlabs/sugar-toolkit-gtk3#327 
> <https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar-toolkit-gtk3/pull/327>
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