[Sugar-devel] [sugarlabs/sugar-toolkit-gtk3] Save As Popup (#327)

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Wed Apr 26 04:29:04 EDT 2017

As you may know, I submitted this feature for GSOC17.  Along with 
Sebastian Silva, I worked as a mentor on this project.

The feature was modeled on the way most document processors work. They 
offer the ability to save or save as the document. Save is used when the 
document has already been saved and so uses the same path. Save as gives 
the user the chance to change the name and/or path. Normally a save 
issued without a prior save as is treated as save as. AFAIK, this 
feature did not appear in Sugar because of the desire in the HIG to 
avoid the file menu and the appearance of a 'desktop'. It is my 
understanding that search tags (a la Picasa) would offer the 
organization normally found in directories. However, this was not 

Gimp is an example of the behavior expected of the feature. Sugar 
commander is only relevant to your comment that Sugar does not have a 
file system. Of course it does - it choses not to make that visible to 
its users.

I completely agree with James Simmons. It should have been. We want our 
users to grow into a confident understanding of how computers work. This 
includes an understanding of the file system. I would like to see the 
Documents and removable devices shown in the Journal as a hierarchy. 
This would not be difficult technically and would facilitate dealing 
with usb drives with many files. One technique could be to use the 
directory names on a usb stick as tags The user could search for files 
in a directory using the name as a tag.

I would certainly appreciate improvements to performance of the frame 
key. In writing code in Sugar, it is essential to open and close it 
frequently to switch between activities.  You should certainly raise the 
issue again so we have a chance to benefit. Only applying to the XO 
covers the overwhelming majority of our users. So I really don't 
undertand why you met any resistance.

I would certainly like to understand this developer collaboration and 
review process. Utkarsh has jumped through every hoop. The PR shows that 
all issues raised have been satisfied. To accommodate those who would 
prefer not to see this change in the Sugar UI, it is controlled by a 
setting with the default that it is not enabled.

The PR works much the same way as the corresponding feature for 
screenshots. I don't even know if Utkarsh requires a non-blank 
screenshot title. The setting of the default to false was used with the 
PR for the 'resume' feature which has been merged.

I assume this process is intended to ensure that a PR request does not 
break Sugar, is compatible with Sugar and its HIG, and meets reasonable 
and publicly documented technical standards.

PR #327 meets these criteria. The only roadblock to its merger seems to 
be you and your personal opinions.


On 04/26/2017 03:32 PM, James Cameron wrote:
> Gimp is not relevant, because this patch is to Sugar, not Gnome. You 
> can't use Gimp with the Sugar Journal. Sugar Commander is also not 
> relevant.
> Where you say "all that is needed is for you to merge", that's 
> trivialising the developer collaboration and review process for Sugar.
> You can always maintain your own fork if you like; and that is what 
> I've already had to do because of my patches that Sugar Labs has not 
> accepted, such as the performance improvements to the frame f6 key. I 
> respect that my patches may not have universal appeal; since they only 
> helped XO users.
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