[Sugar-devel] motion for a new mission statement

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Sun Apr 23 22:58:45 EDT 2017

My problem with this exercise is it again postpones action to fulfill 
the mission.

The most critical need (under any version of the mission statement) is 
to make Sugar available on a wide range of contemporary platforms so 
that we can
escape the view that Sugar is locked to the XO. We then need to wean 
developers and GSOC candidates from the 'development environment' so 
that they are testing Sugar by actual use.

This doesn't appear to be as difficult as it appears. Ubuntu has Sugar 
0.106 available. Debian has a version which I hope to get running today.
A SOAS stick can be created by downloading the image and using dd. 
However, no one has stepped up to make this prominent in the website where
browsers are likely to encounter Sugar. Google for sugar release is 
likely to take you to laptops.org (or get you a wiki article on sugar). 
For marketing purposes Ubuntu and Debian are using sucrose as the name. 
I think this can be confusing and is a leftover from Activity Central.

So I believe there is real work to do,


On 04/24/2017 10:46 AM, Dave Crossland wrote:
> On Apr 21, 2017 9:06 PM, "Tony Anderson" <tony_anderson at usa.net 
> <mailto:tony_anderson at usa.net>> wrote:
>     How is this not redundant to the motion approved in January 2017?
> For me it's an obvious incremental improvement. You can call it 
> redundant if you think it's adds zero new value, but I am skeptical of 
> that.

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