[Sugar-devel] [GSOC] Font Editor Next Steps

Dave Crossland dave at lab6.com
Sat Jul 23 12:20:05 EDT 2016

Hi Yash

We have only 3 weeks left, so Eli and I want to review the code and work
directly with you on this, but it will be inefficient if we are working on
old code.

So I want to ask you to send a daily 3-line email for each work day for the
next 15 days, and also to push your work in progress to a branch at least
once per day, noting the branch in the email.

The simplified user story is,

You open a UFO of Geo Regular (10 mins to make a UFO of this and bundle it
> in the activity :)
> see the 101 glyphs available, from
> https://github.com/google/fonts/blob/master/tools/encodings/latin_unique-glyphs.nam#L3-L103
>  (done)
> open a glyph, (done)
> move the existing points around (done)
> save your work in a UFOZ to the journal,
> export your font as a OTF (using font family name "$USER"),
> install the OTF in the system,
> and use it in another activity.
I'd like to suggest adding 1 thing after that: setting a font family name
incrementally, "$USER $NUMBER", where we get the username and list of all
fonts installed, and find the highest value of "$USER $NUMBER" and add 1 to
it, eg "Yash 0004"

Once that works, I suggest to halt writing new code and work on the code
documentation, the .xo packaging, the travis build checking, and other 'non
code' development tasks, so that we can end in 3 weeks with something fun
for kids to play with :)

I think the next user story after this could be another month or two of

You make a new font,

name the font,

see the pre-set 101 glyphs,

open a glyph,

add 1 or more closed (maybe only straight line) contours to the glyph,
move the existing points around,

set sidebearings,

save your work in a UFOZ,
export your font as a OTF (using "$FONTNAME 0001")
install the OTF in the system,
and use it in another activity.

But I don't think we have time in 3 weeks to tackle these things. I think
it would be better to focus on making what we have more polished.

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