[Sugar-devel] Default Collaboration Server

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Tue Jan 19 18:21:19 EST 2016

Sam wrote:
> However, I propose that we change the default (this release!) to use
> the local network (telepathy salut).  This is a feature is that is
> already in sugar, and is used on XOs and normal computers.

I'm fine with that.  We already do this in OLPC builds, in
modules/sugar/kspost.50.gconf.inc where jabber-server=''.

That most users of Sugar already use Telepathy Salut is the most
important reason for making the change.  I'm surprised you didn't
mention it.

What you did mention as justification was:

> * Better activity support.  Tubes are supported by salut, but not by
> gabble (server based collab.).  This means that activities that
> haven't been ported this cycle (most of them) will still work under
> salut (proposed default), but will not work under gabble (current
> default)

That's a lame reason to make the change.  It would be better to port
the activities properly.

> * More contextual neighbourhood view.  You only see people on your
> local WiFi (or wired) network.  This is more helpful for finding your
> friends than the trawling the crowded jabber.sugarlabs.org
> neighbourhood.

I also think this is a lame reason.  If there's a problem with finding
your friends we need to improve the UI rather than remove all your

> * More features.  File transfers work via salut, but not via
> jabber.sugarlabs.org

Please fix file transfers.

> * More speed and less lag.  Jabber.sugarlabs.org is hosted in the
> mit.  While that is good if you are a student at the mit, it is very
> laggy if you are in say Australia.  I prefer near instant collaberation
> provided by my local network.  Even if you are at the mit, your wifi
> router is still closer than jabber.sugarlabs.org (hopefully)

jabber.sugarlabs.org could be moved to a better location or spread
across geographies.

> * Privacy.  Users (specifically kids) aren't by default sharing their
> names and colours online and inviting others to send them things.

Please fix the mismatch between Sugar design assumptions and users?
Sugar should more clearly indicate that a nickname and colours are

Also, Telepathy Salut is so not-private already, relying on packets
that have visible contents, compared to Telepathy Gabble which uses
SSL, that I think the privacy argument also works in reverse.

> Is this ok?  Will defaulting to use salut (local network) cause any
> issues for anyone?  Is this ok for the 108 cycle?

On the other hand, the reason why jabber.sugarlabs.org was configured
as a default was so that developers could fix problems with Sugar and
Telepathy Gabble interactions.

Removing this default will lower the visibility of those problems.

My gut feel is that this is thrashing.  We'll end up changing it back

James Cameron

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