[Sugar-devel] Default Collaboration Server

Samuel Greenfeld samuel at greenfeld.org
Mon Jan 18 18:27:30 EST 2016

I don't see this as a change disabling gabble so much as a change where no
default jabber server is specified.  This forces salut (ad-hoc) to be used
until a jabber server is specified.

Given pretty much everyone who uses gabble outside of testing uses their
own local jabber server and not Sugar Labs', there should be no user impact
{apart from apps currently being broken with gabble staying broken until

On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 6:17 PM, Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at usa.net>

> This is probably a correct analysis for those in the US with online
> broadband connection. However, at deployments which depend on the school
> server (those without internet access), gabble is needed to enable all XOs
> to collaborate. One of the first tests at a deployment is to ensure that
> XOs connected to the schoolserver are visible to each other (i.e. that
> gabble is working and not salut).
> Such a change needs a more thorough study. Should we limit collaboration
> to XOs with a common router (partition the LAN)? Does collaboration with
> salut work for XOs connected to the school server? Is it a reasonable
> restriction at a deployment that only some XOs can chat?
> Tony
> On 01/18/2016 12:14 PM, Sam P. wrote:
> Hi All,
> Currently Sugar defaults to using "jabber.sugarlabs.org" as a
> collaboration server in Sugar on a Stick and other GNU distros (fedora,
> debian, etc.).  However, I propose that we change the default (this
> release!) to use the local network (telepathy salut).  This is a feature is
> that is already in sugar, and is used on XOs and normal computers.
> Why?
> * Better activity support.  Tubes are supported by salut, but not by
> gabble (server based collab.).  This means that activities that haven't
> been ported this cycle (most of them) will still work under salut (proposed
> default), but will not work under gabble (current default)
> * More contextual neighbourhood view.  You only see people on your local
> WiFi (or wired) network.  This is more helpful for finding your friends
> than the trawling the crowded jabber.sugarlabs.org neighbourhood.
> * More features.  File transfers work via salut, but not via
> jabber.sugarlabs.org
> * More speed and less lag.  Jabber.sugarlabs.org is hosted in the mit.
> While that is good if you are a student at the mit, it is very laggy if you
> are in say Australia.  I prefer near instant collaberation provided by my
> local network.  Even if you are at the mit, your wifi router is still
> closer than jabber.sugarlabs.org (hopefully)
> * Privacy.  Users (specifically kids) aren't by default sharing their
> names and colours online and inviting others to send them things.
> Is this ok?  Will defaulting to use salut (local network) cause any issues
> for anyone?  Is this ok for the 108 cycle?
> Thanks,
> Sam
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