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Sam P. sam at sam.today
Sun Jan 10 01:24:23 EST 2016

Hi Samson,

They are interesting in a way, and they seem to have a nice presentation
editor.  Maybe that could be something to hack with the new collab text
editor apis?

But I disagree with their approach many ways.  I was chatting with some
people about this and struggled to see pedagogical use of many of their

* "Quickfire" quiz thing - is talking to students hard?  Is it hard to get
them to pass you an answer on paper?  Well, spend a lot of time setting up
some computer thing instead!
* "Discuss" - too hard to get kids to put up hands to discuss something?
Too hard to get them into groups?  Too hard to "pair share pair" or
whatever strategy?  Have them talk at each other over the internet, after
wasting time fussing with tech.
* "Team Up" - too hard to get them into groups irl?  Too hard to let them
talk so they can work together?  Too hard to use a normal presentation app
to make slides?  Use this thing!

Overall, I think this represents an interesting trend in edu tech - making
normal classroom things digital.  This is a trend that I view as useless
from my experiences.  These are not useful tools for teachers to teach
with, it doesn't let the kids make things or research things.  The
currently successful devices in edu tech seem to be chromebooks - which
don't add a single thing that is educational.  Instead they have
collaboration for word processing, slides, etc.  Real tools for making real

Spiral does make me thing about what our approach should be though (hint:
not like spiral) - making tools for kids to work together and make stuff.
Tools that teachers can use in their lesson plans.


On Sat, Jan 9, 2016 at 10:08 PM, samson goddy <samsongoddy at hotmail.com>

> Someone tweeted @sugar_labs via twitter, asking if the sugarlabs might be
> interested in this application. But it seems like she does not know that
> Sugar Labs has an OS. But the interesting thing is the approach about the
> application. It will be really good to have something like this as an
> activity in Sugar OS so it might make work for teachers in school easier.
> Here is the link to the site http://spiral.ac/r/miB
> Samson
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