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Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Fri Apr 22 20:23:01 EDT 2016

As a Sugar activity, I don't think Sugar itself will be impacted.

The name comes from a technical problem. I started with L10n.activity 
but the activity registration rejected it. I changed the name to remove 
the numbers and it was accepted. As I understand it lion is an accepted 
icon for L10n.

I think instructions can be added as help in the activity or as 
'tutorial' information on the server. At the moment the activity does 
itself support localization or help. I'll try to get it working then we 
can start on 'to-dos'.


On 04/23/2016 03:37 AM, Sebastian Silva wrote:
> El 20/04/16 a las 22:28, Tony Anderson escribió:
> Really the discussion is lost in personal archives if not copying at 
> least one mailing list. So I'm bringing sugar-devel back.
>> In version 1, I would not expect to incorporate Virtaal. Activities 
>> are open-ended so this and anything else can be added.
>> Since the intent is for this activity to be used by learners, we need 
>> to hide the technicalities as much as possible and expose the
>> simplest interface to accomplish the task.
> I agree with both.
> I stumbled on 
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/User:CScott#Desiderata_for_9.1.0 which is a 
> statement of design goals for Sugar before the new versioning scheme 
> was applied, by a person inside the OLPC team.
> There are many interesting bits but one touching this subject says:
> "Translation improvements
>   * "multiple languages, multiple places": translation system should
>     look in local, then activity, then system translation tables, then
>     repeat for each in a set of fallback languages (eg, quechua,
>     spanish, english)
>   * separable translation packs
>   * "click-to-translate": wiki-like editing of translatable labels in
>     the UI"
> So another idea is to propose it as a Sugar feature. I fear it would 
> involve design consensus which is hard from experience.
> I like Tony's simplistic design (except the clever name). Developing 
> it, it would be smart to use Virtaal's library. It should save some 
> work and ensure compliance with standards.
>> The basic server capability is already available. Essentially, the 
>> school server keeps an 'repository' of the activities in ASLO. A 
>> selected activity
>> can be downloaded and installed on demand. With the exception of a 
>> priviliged 8 activities, an activity can also be erased to free space 
>> on the local
>> store.
> The workflow should include a simple way or instructions to submit 
> updated .po files upstream, the basis for inclusion in new releases.
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