[Sugar-devel] Font Editor Activity || GSoC 2016

Mredul Sarda mredul.sarda at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 19:40:39 EDT 2016

Hello all,

I am a student from a university in India applied for GSoC 2016. I have
applied for Font Editor Activity under mentor Dave.

I have started working around with the sugar activities. Just to mention
that I found working with sugarizer more easier, I would prefer working on
this web based activity if given a choice. However, Sugar Activities are
more widespread among the education community so it might be a better
option to start with. It would be great to have some opinions from the core
Sugar Community about how do they look into the future of this activity. It
is important that we are clear about our choices before starting.

I was going through TruFont app to identify the basic features and icons
for the Sugar Activity. I understand that the pencil in their case itself
has the Bezier Curves Algorithm implemented. However I feel that it should
be separately implemented with another icon to twist the line drawn using
the algorithm.

Secondly, I think we should put up lines or grids, so as to accurately
place the characters and glyphs and better finishing. These are some small
level improvisations possible. I am thinking more on the lines of Paint
Activity with more control over the position and dimensions of glyphs.

I have locally tried to edit the Paint Sugar Activity according to our
requirements because many of the basic features remain exactly same. I
would like to have inputs from the Sugar Community on the concerns and
suggestions mentioned above.

Looking forward for your reply. Thanks and Regards,

Mredul Sarda.

Student Developer, IIT Bombay. INDIA.
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