[Sugar-devel] The future of Sugar on XO-1s

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Apr 1 15:02:33 EDT 2016

On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 11:30:46PM -0400, Dave Crossland wrote:
> Does anyone know (roughly) how many active XO-1 users there are in
> the world today? 

No, but it won't be more than about a million.

There's more than the XO-1 though.

Contrary to what Tony said, the XO-1 is only 45% of the XO laptops
produced.  The others are XO-1.5, XO-1.75 and XO-4.

Brings it up to not more than about 2.5 million.

Knowing the upper bound should help.

My estimate of XO-1s destroyed or disposed of due to old age; is
about 50%.  The bell curve of normal distributions of end of life for
the components will give a kind of cliff edge for the XO-1.

> And how many Sugar-on-a-regular-desktop-or-laptop (via SOAS or
> distros) users there are? 

Don't know.

> I guess Sugar has been developed to always run on XO-1s up to the
> present date - is this true?

No, but the XO laptop has been a large part of developer targeting.

> What do people think about sunset planning for Sugar on XO-1s?

OLPC continues supporting XO laptops with Sugar, and where Sugar
departs from compatibility with XO laptops we will maintain a source

We've already reached that point.  The Sugar on OLPC OS 13.2.7 has
some features changed to be a better fit for the XO-1.

> https://goo.gl/photos/2T4Z3wq3oSuyF9Ns5
> (I got my XO-1 from eBay, fully working, no dead pixels - will run a
> battery life test on it tonight :) The previous owner had installed
> 0.82.1 (released 2008-09-30) so I'll try upgrading it to the latest
> Fedora XO distro and Sugar 0.108.0 (the last stable release from
> last month) over this weekend.)

Thanks for the photograph.

You'll have a problem because it is running Q2E41 firmware.  You must
upgrade the firmware first, and then upgrade the operating system.



James Cameron

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