[Sugar-devel] The future of Sugar on XO-1s

Adam Holt holt at laptop.org
Fri Apr 1 01:24:01 EDT 2016

In Haiti XO-1s will be dominant across many schools for years and year to
come.  Similar to Tony's description, but these typically will be using
32GB SD cards -- thankfully these are incredibly affordable.

The resilience/repairability of the XO-1 laptops is the absolutely
fascinating part.  Regardless if historians of technology will look down
their noses from the Rich West's / Rich East's de facto preference for
one-upmanship (throwaway cute gadgets).  Or conversely if they will look
back from Poor/Southern Nations' de facto environmentalism/repair
principles -- purposefully appropriating and re-appropriating a
technologies beyond their intended use.

Generally if the mouse issue is solved on early XO-1 laptops (where early
2007/2008 touchpads were overly annoyingly erratic) then these laptops
continue to long outlast their projected 5-year-lifespan -- if the culture
of learning & electricity are real -- not just adding a USB mouse!  I was
one of several who did not believe in 2007 that a 5-year-lifespan was at
all feasible.  But I turned out to be completely wrong.  And then some~

As usual the real challenges are far more social than technical: deliberate
right-sizing of content/activity planning for the community in question (we
are building a more content-rich version of HaitiOS from Sugar 0.108 and
OLPC OS 13.2.7) while aligning peer-mentoring with adult-mentoring, and of
course pressure from national testing around Grade 6-or-so in almost every
country.  These mammoths-in-the-room epic challenges keep eternally popping
up for a reason (and sometimes even getting answered!!) Human Patterns
across most all developing world communities, on all continents.  Repair of
keyboards/ears and occasional screens is of course also an issue when usage
is very physical among those who won't give kin(esth)etic learning a break,
as every librarian for the last hundred years has known ;-)

PS Dave, read through http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Reuse_checklist if you want
to do a time-lapse overhaul refurb like http://youtu.be/daVDrGsaDME -- we
even got the security guards involved in helping us out in such physical
repair/upgrades in a restaurant in Haiti less than 2 week ago -- works far
better than Miss/Mister Universe posters I guarantee it :}

On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 12:09 AM, Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at usa.net>

> Hi, Dave
> My vague recollection is that over 80% of all XOs built are XO-1 models. I
> have one with 0.82 installed and somehow have become reluctant
> to upgrade. It is often valuable to compare how we are doing things now
> with the status then. In addition, an overwhelming number of deployed XO-1s
> are still using that release.
> One valuable option is to install Sugar on an SD card  (
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Release_notes/13.2.7). This gives the best of
> both worlds. You
> can boot 0.82 or install the sd card and boot 13.2.7. The sd card should
> provide 4-8GB (compared with the base 1GB). I use 8GB because the price
> per GB is favorable to the 4GB cards.
> Tony
> On 04/01/2016 11:30 AM, Dave Crossland wrote:
> Hi
> In the thread '[Sugar-devel] Wanted: Record activity port to GStreamer
> 0.10' today James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org> wrote:
> for the future of Sugar Labs, they should be concentrating on
>> later designs than one from 2007 that is no longer available and
>> rapidly dying from old age.
> I just got a XO-1, so I wonder about this :)
> Does anyone know (roughly) how many active XO-1 users there are in the
> world today?
> And how many Sugar-on-a-regular-desktop-or-laptop (via SOAS or distros)
> users there are?
> I guess Sugar has been developed to always run on XO-1s up to the present
> date - is this true?
> What do people think about sunset planning for Sugar on XO-1s?
> https://goo.gl/photos/2T4Z3wq3oSuyF9Ns5
> (I got my XO-1 from eBay, fully working, no dead pixels - will run a
> battery life test on it tonight :) The previous owner had installed 0.82.1
> (released 2008-09-30) so I'll try upgrading it to the latest Fedora XO
> distro and Sugar 0.108.0 (the last stable release from last month) over
> this weekend.)
> Cheers
> Dave
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