[Sugar-devel] The future of Sugar on XO-1s

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Fri Apr 1 00:09:07 EDT 2016

Hi, Dave

My vague recollection is that over 80% of all XOs built are XO-1 models. 
I have one with 0.82 installed and somehow have become reluctant
to upgrade. It is often valuable to compare how we are doing things now 
with the status then. In addition, an overwhelming number of deployed 
XO-1s are still using that release.

One valuable option is to install Sugar on an SD card 
(http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Release_notes/13.2.7). This gives the best of 
both worlds. You
can boot 0.82 or install the sd card and boot 13.2.7. The sd card should 
provide 4-8GB (compared with the base 1GB). I use 8GB because the price
per GB is favorable to the 4GB cards.


On 04/01/2016 11:30 AM, Dave Crossland wrote:
> Hi
> In the thread '[Sugar-devel] Wanted: Record activity port to GStreamer 
> 0.10' today James Cameron <quozl at laptop.org <mailto:quozl at laptop.org>> 
> wrote:
>     for the future of Sugar Labs, they should be concentrating on
>     later designs than one from 2007 that is no longer available and
>     rapidly dying from old age.
> I just got a XO-1, so I wonder about this :)
> Does anyone know (roughly) how many active XO-1 users there are in the 
> world today?
> And how many Sugar-on-a-regular-desktop-or-laptop (via SOAS or 
> distros) users there are?
> I guess Sugar has been developed to always run on XO-1s up to the 
> present date - is this true?
> What do people think about sunset planning for Sugar on XO-1s?
> https://goo.gl/photos/2T4Z3wq3oSuyF9Ns5
> (I got my XO-1 from eBay, fully working, no dead pixels - will run a 
> battery life test on it tonight :) The previous owner had installed 
> 0.82.1 (released 2008-09-30) so I'll try upgrading it to the latest 
> Fedora XO distro and Sugar 0.108.0 (the last stable release from last 
> month) over this weekend.)
> Cheers
> Dave
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