[Sugar-devel] [ASLO] Release TurtleBots-29

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Sun Sep 20 04:13:30 EDT 2015

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Sugar Platform:
0.86 - 0.104

Download Now:

Release notes:
  * add atyarandu plugin
  * add ax-12 plugin
  * add eeprom pybot module
  * fix hex version
  * fix readInfo in functions.py for AX module
  * use PyUSB with getSpeed fix
  * fix setHack function
  * update tb commit with return function
  * update PyUSB commit
  * add relay driver
  * Added double click block
  * add useful command version
  * basic unknown command response
  * update README
  * remove old firmware folder
  * Fixed some blocks and changed README
  * Fixed issues with xevents scrolling speed
  * more fixes fot python export
  * fix setLineOpacity
  * uses TB v210
  * add cheat for nt systems
  * add NXT compass sensor
  * fix showLine primitive in xevents
  * update turtle extras

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