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Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Thu May 28 09:25:30 EDT 2015

>> Did you think about run for a seat in the SLOB?
>> http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Oversight_Board/2014-2015-candidates
> I have considered it, but there are two obstacles:
> First, my current employer requires me to obtain permission from them to
> be on the board of a non-profit.  This is not insurmountable, but likely
> requires proving (amongst other things) that I can completely isolate Sugar
> from anything my employer pays me to do for all hours that my employer pays
> me to work.
> Second, I would like to see some more public signs of organic growth
> besides the Google events before I commit more than a few hours per week.
> My available time outside of work is limited, and I have no intention of
> providing free labor for someone's unknown "customer."

I hope you run.

The board can't guaranty "organic growth" but just try involve and connect
members in the community.
Is not a executive group.

But this thread show how we can see this in different ways, you asked
"What is being done to address the main issues raised by deployments in the
latest development survey."
I interpreted "what the board did" and replied "Still nothing"
James provided a reply with what different members in the community did,
and is a completely different reply.

Then, I agree would be better more people involved in the board meetings.

 Walter, can you confirm if will be next monday or the 8th and the time?

James, the slobs meeting is usually at our night, then you are awake ;)

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