[Sugar-devel] Sugar-devel Digest, Vol 79, Issue 61

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Sat May 23 13:35:59 EDT 2015

Somewhere I got lost. I had originally understood docker as a mechanism 
to run Sugar on platforms other than an XO.

In learning to program in Python, I lean to the idea that it should be 
done with the Terminal Activity (command line, nano text editor). The 
use of an integrated
development environment (Pippy, IDLE, IPython, Eclipse) can be 
introduced as an advanced topic - incidentally IPython runs quite nicely 
on an XO).

I can't image a professional building a web application using Pippy. I 
think students should learn to build web applications using standard 
methods: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Again, using the command line and 
nano. The GSOC project to build an interactive javascript shell reflects 
the fact that Python has an inherently better development environment 
and that Javascript really needs an interactive display of the web page 
(and debugging via the console.log mechanism).

Although Sugar is becoming more dependent on internet access, that is 
not an option for many deployments. Flask or Django could be introduced 
as an advanced topic with the framework hosted on the school server. 
This will require some careful planning so that student interaction does 
not introduce instability since there is normally no qualified system 
administrator available to deal with server problems.


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> feedback. Just that I have been testing other people web applications 
> (and saving me time) with docker that I feel perhaps a kid with an XO 
> can do the same and learn something with lighter weight 
> virtualization. Hope some developer can take up Sam's and your 
> recommendation of Flask. Cheers
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>>> >>Hope it makes sense:-)
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>> >It still doesn't, to me at least.
>> >
>> >It's sounds like you are saying you want to run any linux distro on
>> >virtualbox on xo. It would be pointless waste of machine resources
>> >because you are already running a linux distro.
>> >
>> >You can write full, professional web apps from Pippy, if you have access
>> >to one or two extra python packages ( personal favorite, try Flask
>> ><http://flask.pocoo.org/>  ). The trick is getting to them, which is why
>> >Sam's proposal is quite good, access to the Python Package Index from
>> >Pippy...
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