[Sugar-devel] Docker in Sugar/XO laptop

tkkang at nurturingasia.com tkkang at nurturingasia.com
Sat May 23 04:11:54 EDT 2015

Thanks for the feedback. Just that I have been testing other people web applications (and saving me time) with docker that I feel perhaps a kid with an XO can do the same and learn something with lighter weight virtualization.

Hope some developer can take up Sam's and your recommendation of Flask.


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>> Hope it makes sense :-)
>It still doesn't, to me at least.
>It's sounds like you are saying you want to run any linux distro on
>virtualbox on xo. It would be pointless waste of machine resources
>because you are already running a linux distro.
>You can write full, professional web apps from Pippy, if you have access
>to one or two extra python packages ( personal favorite, try Flask
><http://flask.pocoo.org/> ). The trick is getting to them, which is why
>Sam's proposal is quite good, access to the Python Package Index from
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