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I did not realize that all volunteers on the teams need vetting by SLOB.
If so it is a bad precident.
On May 6, 2015 10:05 AM, "Sebastian Silva" <sebastian at fuentelibre.org>

> On 06/05/15 03:37, samson goddy wrote:
> The reason why i was able to access the list was because Walter made one
> of the committee members. About "spykidacutez at outlook.com"
> <spykidacutez at outlook.com>, is a volunteer in Sugar Labs and also his in
> my Sugar Labs team in Nigeria, which Walter know of.
> 1. Sugar Labs is _not_ Walter. Make sure the engage the rest of Sugar
> Labs. Nice to meet you. I was not aware of any other active members
> appointed by SLOBs. (And I did ask). Was your appointment announced
> sometime publicly?
> I don't understand why you have to remove me in the membership committee,
> that i don't understand. Is there any way i shouldn't be in the membership
> committee?
> 2. Sure. We have a process which is in the Governance page
> <http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Governance>. I volunteered to
> the committee because there had been 2 years without elections and never
> have there been a survey to keep the membership list current. These are the
> main responsibilities of the Election and Membership committee.
> We'd be glad to have you.
> In short, do this:
>     - Read the governance / membership committee pages
>     - Write to SLOBS requesting to be a member
>     - Wait for a vote
> For us (Caryl and me), it took almost 2 months to be confirmed, official
> member of election committee. However, in that opportunity, SLOBS voted
> that they would solicit help from young members so maybe they will be more
> expedite for you.
> Thanks and good luck!
> Sebastian
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