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I don't agree with your characterization of Sugar. We've never built
in any assumptions about connectivity into the GUI, core system, or
core activities (even the "web" activities all run off disk. The
decision to migrate to GTK3 was made for technical reasons -- which
you may disagree with -- but not because we were trying to cater to a
"developed" world. That said, there has been a degradation of
performance on the XO-1 hardware and we can and should try to make
improvements there. But I don't think it is realistic to languish in
long-abandoned, unsupported libraries: we as a community cannot
possibly support old versions of GTK, Gstreamer, and the countless of
components of Sugar 0.94. I believe it would be much less work and
much more fruitful even in the short term to invest in optimizing new
code to old hardware.



On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 8:40 PM, Tony Anderson <tony_anderson at usa.net> wrote:
> Sean,
> I think you are getting at what I consider the heart of the problem.
> SugarLabs sees Sugar as an alternative GUI for any computing device with
> primary efficacy in the developed, internet-connected world. This goal is
> understandable since the XOs have a limited life and so Sugar must be
> operable on currently marketed devices.
> The project I signed up for is to place computers in the hands of every
> child at a community school in the developing world where electricity is an
> issue, the internet is unavailable, and teachers as well as students have no
> prior experience with computing. The goal of the project is to enhance the
> educational opportunities of these students through the use of Sugar as well
> as access to information others on the right side of the digital divide get
> from the internet.
> Tony
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