[Sugar-devel] Regarding MusicBlock/MusicMouse idea for GSoC 15

Utkarsh Dwivedi utkarshdvd at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 16:51:37 EDT 2015

Hi, I am Utkarsh Dwivedi, and I am a GSoC 15 aspirant, interested in the
Music block Idea. I wanted to know how the community wants to go about this
idea, given that it asks for a Turtle Block kind of interface. I am playing
with the TurtleJS code, and I wanted to know if a new JS framework has to
be made or a set of tools in the Turtle JS setup? I have an understanding
of how to implement this through canvas elements and Paper.js perhaps,
should build a toy example to start off?

My interest in this project is from a HCI and Learning sciences
perspective. I understand much of the philosophy of Turtle JS comes from
the Constructionist learning paradigm. I have created a Music Blocks kind
of project called Note Code. It aimed to teach computational thinking to
students aged 11 - 15, through a tangible interface in for of a block by
using the inherent semantics in music. I have a publication on the same in
the Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction conference(TEI 15). I used
the Processing.js framework and Arduino.

My skills are in Python and JS, and experience in Machine Learning(NLP in
Python, Comp Vison in C++) as well. I am very much inclined towards such a
project, as I have gone through a lot of literature on similar ideas like
Scratch or Algo.Rhythm.

LInk to paper <http://bit.ly/1MsnvqU>

Utkarsh Dwivedi,
Department of Design,
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati.
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