[Sugar-devel] GSoC 2015 : Music Blocks

Yash Khandelwal yk51294 at yahoo.in
Wed Mar 11 06:52:17 EDT 2015

Hello everyone,I am Yash Khandelwal, currently pursuing my B.Tech from IIIT Hyderabad, India and have been an active contributor since one month.I am interested in taking up Music Blocks idea as GSoC project. I saw Mr Devin's sketches in the pdf provided, on the ideas page and I came up with a basic blueprint (attached) of how the chunks can be made and put together. I am familiar with the blocks functioning and implementation, because in my contribution to sugar, I have mainly worked on turtleblocksJS, so that is a plus point. Also, there is another reason why this project caught my interest which is, I am a flautist, so this project is like extra cherries on the cake. 
    I talked to Walter Bender, he said that we want new primitives for music blocks that are not appropriate for the basic turtle project. Currently, I am thinking of primitives required to introduce concepts of beats, scale, sequencing etc. and getting myself familiarized with tone.js and soon I'll come up with a prototype.
I would like to discuss with the mentor(s) about the technologies stack to be used, suggestions on the blue print of chunks implementation and its extension.This will  give me a better understanding of the project and also help me to draft my proposal in a better way. 
Thank You
Yash Khandelwalirc-nick : k_yashgithub : github.com/khandelwalYash
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