[Sugar-devel] license of layout.py in Sugar Calculate activity

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Mon Jul 27 10:39:42 EDT 2015

Quoting Gonzalo Odiard (2015-07-27 15:02:05)
> I already added license to layout.py 
> https://github.com/godiard/sugarlabs-calculate/commit/
> 95302e66919ac89338a7a91575f9002dadb9218c
> Aneesh is not the copyright holder, he only contributed and added his name:
> https://github.com/godiard/sugarlabs-calculate/commit/
> e088b4a0cfbbe6fe7eab2c4ccf8e8b2f98553206

Uhm, above URLs proves - if anything - that indeed Aneesh a) did 
contribute code to that file and b) explicitly stated copyright claim 
for that contribution.

Others may have written other parts - majority parts even - which makes 
them _also_ copyright holders.  *All* copyright holders should be 
consulted when granting/changing licensing terms for a work.

Who did you consult, leading to the change in licensing that you did?

Kind regards,

 - Jonas

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