[Sugar-devel] Current status of GTK+ 3.x migration

Tony Anderson tony at olenepal.org
Sun Dec 27 23:47:57 EST 2015

Hi, Walter

Because of gmail issue, I am sending this through Sugar-devel.

Most of the activities included in 0.106 (XO-1.5+) release have been 
moved to GTK3. The exceptions are:

Calculate, Clock, Implode, Labyrinth, Measure, Moon, Pippy, Record, 
Speak, and TurtleBlocks.

I suspect that many or even most of the remaining activities in ASLO 
have not been converted. I'll run a check on my snapshot (9/15) today to
identify ones that are not that could also be candidates for a GCI task.

So far only one GCI participant has reported attempting to update ASLO. 
The completed GCI activities will need to be updated on ASLO once we get
the problems with the dependent software resolved.

Meanwhile, kudos to Cristian for the work on ShowNTell. He replaced 
Hulahop with WebKit and also moved the activity to GTK3.


On 12/28/2015 12:24 AM, James Cameron wrote:
> Very interesting discussion.
> Perhaps the difficulties that Tony describes can be interpreted as
> emergent properties of the development process.
> However, others on private mailing lists, who are not so well
> informed, perceived these emergent properties as intended outcomes.
> These others are generally disengaged from the development process;
> as users they are neither reporting tickets nor testing new versions.
> They get what they pay for.
> (I don't like private mailing lists or the segregation of community;
> yet we keep increasing the segregation; e.g. socialhelp).
> Overall, I'm encouraged.

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