[Sugar-devel] Current status of GTK+ 3.x migration

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Sat Dec 26 06:31:12 EST 2015

Quoting Tony Anderson (2015-12-26 16:29:09)
> Yet more examples of this broken software problem.

I would call it examples of _unmaintained_ software.

I.e. in my opinion for these examples the Sugar environment does the 
right thing of both a) moving to GTK+ 3.x while b) providing legacy 
support for GTK+ 2.x for several years.  Issues then emerge with 
activities neglecting to migrate for several years to GTK+ 3.x.

> I have scripts which provide the 'bad and ugly' codecs for GStreamer 
> 0.10 which work very well.

Which codecs? GStreamer 1.0 also provides bad and ugly codecs - so an 
obvious first step is to ensure they are installed for your system.

In the case of the Debian system, installing the package 
sugar-jukebox-activity by default pulls in the bad set but you will need 
to explicitly install the ugly set (because the very reason those are 
shipped separately is that they may cause your system to become less 

If, on a Debian system, you install the metapackage sucrose then both 
the bad and ugly sets gets installed (always, not only by default, 
bcause the purpose of that metapackage is to ensure that as much of 
Sucrose as is packaged for Debian gets installed).

> I have had to regress to Jukebox 26 in order for this to work,

Sounds like you have done some research on this.  I recommend that you 
a) file a bugreport about this (if one is not filed already), and then 
b) refer to the bugreport each time you bring it up - e.g. in 
conversations like this one.

> Avoiding GTK + 2.x implies porting all 400 Sugar activities to GTK 3!

True - either that or ditch the activities evidently too badly 
maintained to work well with modern Sugar.

 - Jonas

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