[Sugar-devel] Current status of collaboration work

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Dec 25 23:37:11 EST 2015

On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 09:52:56AM +0530, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> [dropping Cc's, assuming all are subscribed to -devel]
> Quoting James Cameron (2015-12-26 08:58:13)
> > Pull request 282 mentions 0.17.25, but of what package?  When did the 
> > Tubes API get removed from the Telepathy packages?  Yes, for Fedora it 
> > was 22, but we care about other downstreams.
> telepathy-gabble is where Tubes interface was dropped.


I wasn't sure it was, because Gabble is only used when operating with
Jabber/XMPP servers, and we also use Salut for link-local.

So in the scenario where activities are collaborating over Salut, I
wonder how their use of Tubes is implemented, if at all.

> > On Ubuntu 14.04 builds with Sugar 0.107.0, I'm using
> [...]
> > telepathy-gabble-legacy 0.16.7
> > On Ubuntu 15.10 builds with Sugar 0.107.0, I'm using
> [...]
> > telepathy-gabble-legacy 0.16.7
> Who _maintains_ that telepathy-gabble-legacy package?

Nobody at the moment.

> I created such 
> package and put it online at http://debian.jones.dk/ but was strongly 
> adviced against releasing it officially to Debian (read: step up as 
> maintainer for it) and decided to follow that advice mainly due to the 
> security implications (the code is big and contains e.g. TLS code likely 
> to be vulnerable to BEAST and other recent attacks which I am not 
> skilled to fix).

I'm not aware of any reported vulnerabilities specific to the package.

> > I don't have a test case for collaboration failure due to Tubes API 
> > missing.  The feature page doesn't say.  I can't find a bug report.
> As I recall, Chat via Jabber (i.e. when connected to a central server) 
> uses Tubes.
> Please someone correct me if wrong, and provide some other simple test..
> > It would seem that the Tubes API was fairly critical to Sugar's 
> > success.  ;-)
> I wholeheartedly agree.  I decided to drop Sugar completely from what 
> became the current stable release of Debian in the spring, when I 
> learned about this bug after we had entered the "freeze" of that release 
> about a year ago.  I dearly hope that Sugar can soon re-enter Debian 
> testing again - not only for inclusion into next stable Debian, but also 
> for the benefit of Debian derivatives invcluding Ubuntu (so please to 
> not relax about the very slow release process of Debian).

I agree, getting Sugar back into Debian would be good.

James Cameron

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