[Sugar-devel] Current status of collaboration work

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Fri Dec 25 23:22:56 EST 2015

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Quoting James Cameron (2015-12-26 08:58:13)
> Pull request 282 mentions 0.17.25, but of what package?  When did the 
> Tubes API get removed from the Telepathy packages?  Yes, for Fedora it 
> was 22, but we care about other downstreams.

telepathy-gabble is where Tubes interface was dropped.

> On Ubuntu 14.04 builds with Sugar 0.107.0, I'm using
> telepathy-gabble-legacy 0.16.7

> On Ubuntu 15.10 builds with Sugar 0.107.0, I'm using
> telepathy-gabble-legacy 0.16.7

Who _maintains_ that telepathy-gabble-legacy package?  I created such 
package and put it online at http://debian.jones.dk/ but was strongly 
adviced against releasing it officially to Debian (read: step up as 
maintainer for it) and decided to follow that advice mainly due to the 
security implications (the code is big and contains e.g. TLS code likely 
to be vulnerable to BEAST and other recent attacks which I am not 
skilled to fix).

> I don't have a test case for collaboration failure due to Tubes API 
> missing.  The feature page doesn't say.  I can't find a bug report.

As I recall, Chat via Jabber (i.e. when connected to a central server) 
uses Tubes.

Please someone correct me if wrong, and provide some other simple test..

> It would seem that the Tubes API was fairly critical to Sugar's 
> success.  ;-)

I wholeheartedly agree.  I decided to drop Sugar completely from what 
became the current stable release of Debian in the spring, when I 
learned about this bug after we had entered the "freeze" of that release 
about a year ago.  I dearly hope that Sugar can soon re-enter Debian 
testing again - not only for inclusion into next stable Debian, but also 
for the benefit of Debian derivatives invcluding Ubuntu (so please to 
not relax about the very slow release process of Debian).


 - Jonas

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