[Sugar-devel] [SoaS] Testing Sugar Activities Fedora-Live-SoaS-i686-21_Beta-4

Iain Brown Douglas iain at browndouglas.plus.com
Fri Nov 28 05:12:38 EST 2014

I am very sorry, Peter, that I did not realise that you had applied a
patch within 75 minutes of being made aware of it. Thank you for that.

More than one could expect from the most dedicated maintainer - a pity
you did not say though!

I mistakenly thought that your reply was, "Before my time, Guv", the
opportunity to test a patch was now closing, and that your point:

"The question is what does it do, and why when Speak has been
working for years does it suddenly break."

was still hanging in the air.

I regret that I made my comment terse in this respect: while I have
occasionally seen the issue:
Alice "I don't know what you are talking about?", whenever I tried to
chase it down it disappeared.

So I had opened up all the SoaS media I have. I compared the change logs
of Speak with the release dates of SoaS. In every examined case, prior
to the excellent Speak-48, there was a new version of Speak shortly
after each new SoaS.

This meant that, on Software update, the missing 
/usr/share/sugar/activities/Speak.activity/bot in the sugar.iso
was replaced by ~/Activities/Speak.activity/bot and the issue was not

I went straight to a hare-brained solution, instead of just reporting
what I saw.


On Thu, 2014-11-27 at 11:23 +0000, Peter Robinson wrote:
> > Assertion, limited testing, please contradict:
> > Speak, "Ask robot a question" is broken in SoaS 1.00 >
> 1.00? What?
> > It has been broken for several years, but is not seen because a Software
> > update has been available which provides bot/ and functionality of "Ask
> > robot a question".
> It tends to help by reporting the problem several years ago.
> Ultimately SoaS as a distribution is a complex beast with 1000s of
> moving parts. Maintaining it is not part of my dayjob and I do it in
> the little free time I have available and while I do basic runtime
> testing of all the Activities it's impossible for me to test all
> functionality hence it's vital for people to report bugs so people
> like Gonzalo and myself can investigate and ensure issues are fixed.
> > Please can we release Speak-49 to restore "Ask robot a question"
> > functionality in SoaS 1.00 >
> It has been restored and will be available in the Final SoaS 21 GA release.
> > Please can we hold back Speak-49 from the closing SoaS deadline. This
> > way a Speak-49 Software update will be available to fix SoaS pro temps.
> That would never happen, but it's also not a problem as the issue is
> now fixed and will land in the GA release.
> SoaS is released as part of the Fedora release cycle. While it's not
> perfect it provides us a lot of automated process which I don't need
> to deal with. It's a give and take situation and without it I wouldn't
> have the time to deal with a release process and hence wouldn't do
> SoaS. It also enables us with zero effort to produce SoaS images that
> will run on all sorts of devices from the biggest Intel laptops to
> cheap ARM devices.
> > I have no way of knowing how sugar-speak.spec file affects XOs, so I
> > cannot propose to alter sugar-speak.spec myself.
> It doesn't at all.
> Peter

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