[Sugar-devel] [SoaS] Testing Sugar Activities Fedora-Live-SoaS-i686-21_Beta-4

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 06:23:49 EST 2014

> Assertion, limited testing, please contradict:
> Speak, "Ask robot a question" is broken in SoaS 1.00 >

1.00? What?

> It has been broken for several years, but is not seen because a Software
> update has been available which provides bot/ and functionality of "Ask
> robot a question".

It tends to help by reporting the problem several years ago.
Ultimately SoaS as a distribution is a complex beast with 1000s of
moving parts. Maintaining it is not part of my dayjob and I do it in
the little free time I have available and while I do basic runtime
testing of all the Activities it's impossible for me to test all
functionality hence it's vital for people to report bugs so people
like Gonzalo and myself can investigate and ensure issues are fixed.

> Please can we release Speak-49 to restore "Ask robot a question"
> functionality in SoaS 1.00 >

It has been restored and will be available in the Final SoaS 21 GA release.

> Please can we hold back Speak-49 from the closing SoaS deadline. This
> way a Speak-49 Software update will be available to fix SoaS pro temps.

That would never happen, but it's also not a problem as the issue is
now fixed and will land in the GA release.

SoaS is released as part of the Fedora release cycle. While it's not
perfect it provides us a lot of automated process which I don't need
to deal with. It's a give and take situation and without it I wouldn't
have the time to deal with a release process and hence wouldn't do
SoaS. It also enables us with zero effort to produce SoaS images that
will run on all sorts of devices from the biggest Intel laptops to
cheap ARM devices.

> I have no way of knowing how sugar-speak.spec file affects XOs, so I
> cannot propose to alter sugar-speak.spec myself.

It doesn't at all.


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