[Sugar-devel] Gtk 3.10 icon size regression

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 09:56:32 EST 2014

On 13 January 2014 15:37, Gonzalo Odiard <godiard at sugarlabs.org> wrote:

> Sadly, have more sense set icon_size than pixel_size, right?
> (More in the context of multiple pixels resolutions, like we have with the
> xo and the desktop)

Well, we should be using the new layout scaling stuff in gtk to deal with
different resolutions.


If on the top of that we need to set different "pixel" sizes for icons, it
seems like a constant will probably enough. The IconSize stuff was designed
to support runtime switching because it was user configurable, and it's now
all being deprecated because they don't want the user configurability
anymore. In any case gtk is moving away from it, so we will need our own
constant or more complex thing.

> I think is better fix Icon to get the parameter and set the pixel_size,
> and not do all the modifications Ignacio found.

Why? I think it's pretty clear that Gtk.IconSize will go away in gtk4. It
seems a good idea to get rid of it at least in core (and suggest to do the
same in activities). It will be less work when it goes away completely.

> In fact, Icon is sugar toolkit code, and do other tricks,
> then we don't need deprecate the parameter.

But Gtk.IconSize is not sugar toolkit API. "Use Gtk.IconSize with Icon but
not with gtk.Image" seems like a very very confusing thing to suggest to
activity authors.
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