[Sugar-devel] Gtk 3.10 icon size regression

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 10:43:00 EST 2014

Ok, we looked more into this and it's an horrible, horrible mess. Several
activities are using Gtk.IconSize, often just passing it to Gtk.Image. Here
is the best possible plan I can think of:

- Change sugar and sugar-toolkit-gtk3 to never use Gtk.IconSize explicitly.
Just use pixels, the sizes stuff is half deprecated and of very little use.
- Set the proper pixel_size on the toolbutton image.

Hacks to help backward compatibility

- Register sugar specific sizes (LARGE_TOOLBAR, MENU) with the deprecated
Gtk.icon_size_register function.
- Overwrite Gtk.IconSize.* with the sugar specific sizes. This will only
work at python level, but should help a lot with activities that uses them.


- Drop sizes from settings.ini
- Deprecate Icon's icon_size property.
- Suggest that activity authors never use Gtk.IconSize.

I'm not sure this will fix everything, but should at least cover the large
majority of the issues.
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