[Sugar-devel] Just wondering

Sam P. sam.parkinson3 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 18:40:24 EST 2014

Hi Jerry,

I would guess that it does require X.  The rational for using
BundleRegistry is that it emits all the right signals to the gui of sugar,
which requires X.

I havn't tested it against OOB, but maybe I could add a "--no-registry"
option in sugar-install-bundle?  Would that fix the issue?


On Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 10:18 AM, Jerry Vonau <me at jvonau.ca> wrote:

> Does the use of BundleRegistry()[1] require X to be started? I'm thinking
> yes as 'protected_activities' in the __init__ part is really a
> dconf-service setting that is returned as a string. I'm asking as a recent
> commit was added[2] that just might break olpc-os-builder(OOB). OOB relies
> upon
> sugar-install-bundle[3] running in a chroot'ed cli environment where dconf
> may not be running. Has this change been tested with OOB?
> Jerry
> 1.
> https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/blob/master/src/jarabe/model/bundleregistry.py
> 2.
> https://github.com/sugarlabs/sugar/commit/d0d045379f097e35c686e9f5dc7f1a0a231041bd
> 3.
> http://dev.laptop.org/git/projects/olpc-os-builder/tree/modules/sugar/kspost.75.install_bundles.inc
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