[Sugar-devel] Starting a new web activity : problem when closing activity, and with icon design

Lionel Laské lionel at olpc-france.org
Thu Dec 11 16:00:44 EST 2014

Strange. Perfectly work here in Sugarizer.
Don't understand your error log:
- The first mean that you're not in Sugarizer (websocket is the way to
communicate between sugar-web in Sugar and Sugar python),
- I don't understand what is "sugar.js" file. There is now such file
neither in your repository, neither in Sugarizer, neither in sugar-web...
Could share your whole Sugarizer environment somewhere ?


2014-12-11 17:01 GMT+01:00 laurent bernabe <laurent.bernabe at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> I can confirm you that all required libraries (text.js, domReady.js and
> webL10n.js) are now in the project folder.
> But even in sugarizer, my activity doesn't close.
> Here is the browser errors :
> __________________________________________________________
> Invalid url for websocket ws://localhost:undefined (index.html:1)
> Syntax error: DOM exception 12 : Invalid or illegal string was specified
> (sugar.js:19)
> __________________________________________________________
> Regards
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