[Sugar-devel] Tuxmath on 0.96+ mystery

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Thu Mar 28 18:50:05 EDT 2013

On 28 March 2013 23:21, Lionel Laské <lionel.laske at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I don't have an explanation for the installation thing, but that error is
> caused by your exec line which is incorrect. sugar-activity expects the
> "path" to a class as
>> first argument, not the name of a script.
> Okay. I've changed the activity.info following your advice.
> Now the patched version display the home page of the activity. But when I
> click on the "play" button, there is another error in the log file:
>         Traceback (most recent call last):
>          File "/home/olpc/Activities/Tuxmath.activity/activity.py", line
> 192, in _button_play_clicked_cb
>            self.create_script(os.getenv("TUXMATH_SCRIPT"))
>          File "/home/olpc/Activities/Tuxmath.activity/activity.py", line
> 185, in create_script
>            f = open(script_path, 'w')
>         TypeError: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType
> found

It means TUXMATH_SCRIPT is unset. As I said the tuxmath-activity
script does more than running sugar-activity, including setting

Did you try to leave the exec line unmodified? What error do you get
if you do that?

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