[Sugar-devel] 90% working patches (was Re: 0.100 release schedule)

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Wed Mar 27 15:39:48 EDT 2013

Hi Ajay,

> I don't know the specific history of this patch but, as a rule,
> patches should be pushed to mainline when they are fully working, or
> at least they are thought to be. If the maintainers point out issues,
> they should be solved before committing. Often the remainning 10% is
> the one which takes more time to achieve.
> It's in the maintainers right to pretend they fully like your
> contribution before they take responsibility for it. They are going to
> take over a lot of the maintenance costs you are complainig about
> after all :)
> If the patch is too big, it's often possible to split it up so that
> parts of it can be landed earlier.

+10 from my part.

If something is not working, or there are doubts about design/ui/strings,
you should try to explain to others to avoid spent time in the community.

_Specially_ with the Multiple Operations in Journal,
by far the biggest change of all the candidate features.

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