[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] sugar-0.98.5

simon at schampijer.de simon at schampijer.de
Fri Mar 8 05:09:42 EST 2013

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== News ==

* Release 0.98.5 (Simon Schampijer)
* Update Sucrose version for 0.98.5 (Simon Schampijer)
* Filetransfer: fix the incoming/outgoing transfer Palettes #4315 (Simon Schampijer)
* Hide the Remove button if there is only one language - SL #4352 (Manuel Quiñones)
* Frame, Wireless Device icon: make sure the Ssid is displayed in the connected state, SL #4430 (Simon Schampijer)
* Frame, Wireless Device icon: use the same status code as the newtworkview has, call update_color - SL #4188 (Simon Schampijer)
* Update Sucrose version for 0.98.4 (Simon Schampijer)

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