[Sugar-devel] [RELEASE] Agora 2

Daniel Narvaez dwnarvaez at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 17:20:46 EST 2013

# News

* Build inside a chroot to be able to support multiple linux
distribution and still be able to rely on a well know base system
(which is at the moment Fedora).
* Improved toolbars appeareance, now matching Sugar more closely.
* Simplified build and development workflow.
* Examples of how to use xi-grapics icons and toolbars API.
* Progress indication in omega-browse.

A lot more things that I can't remember right now :) Should write
release notes as we go...

# Infrastructure

* I created a google group for Agora development


I'll keep posting release announcements to this list but if you are
interested in more frequent/detailed news and discussions please join
the group.

* Buildbot instance now running at


# Thanks

Simon Schampijer (omega-browse progress)
Manuel Quiñones (various toolbar bits)

# How to try it

The main repository is now


See the README there on how to get started. The chroot stuff is pretty
tricky and not yet completely stable please let me know if you run
into issues.

# Next milestone

Milestone 3 will focus on automated testing and bug fixing. I hope to
close it quickly so that we can get back to features, but I feel we
need to get a few things right before writing more of the xi libraries
code. See the TODO for some more details


Daniel Narvaez

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