[Sugar-devel] [DESIGN] Feedback about the changes in Memorize

Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Wed Sep 28 11:59:58 EDT 2011

Dsd used Memorize and provided feedback about it.
I think can be useful, because he was not involved in the design processs.

There are bugs too, and I am working on them, but here I copy the references
to the UI:

*  The first little bit of confusion is what the 'play game' button is for
<dsd_> i played the default game, and finished it
 now i want to play again, so i first went to click 'play game'
 maybe that was the wrong guess, but still, it is confusing that that button
doesnt do anything that i can see at this point

* <dsd_> playing a bit more, it seems odd that the choice of 4x4 / 5x5 is a
 but the choice of demo game is a palette
 thats just a minor thing, but i cant (yet) see the reason for having those
ui elements different

* ok, it wasnt obvious to me that play and edit are a combo, especially with
right next to the activity icon which is not part of the combo

* <dsd_> on the edit mode, it is a bit confusing that the add and update
buttons dont look like buttons
 also, 'update' feels a bit like 'save' which sugar doesnt really have
 feels like instant-update would be more appropriate
<gonzalo_> dsd_, this part has not changed
 and really i want try to keep the needed changes at minimum
 we already changed a lot

* <dsd_> took me a little while to understand 'Set equal pairs' but i get it
 but i'm wondering if something related to "identical" or "matched" would be
better terminology than "equal"

* <dsd_> also, i cant quite get my head around if that button and the
"grouped game" icon at its right is done consistently with other parts of
the sugar UI
 as a button that not only can be on or off, but also changing its icon at
the same time
 so i'm left a bit uneasy as to whether i need to click on the icon to get
the graphical representation it is showing, or if that is the one i already
 it may be simpler if the icon did not change
 for example the grouped button could always show 1 1 2 2
 but you'd know if you're grouped or not based on the surrounding highlight
 or that might be worse. not sure

*  after editing the demo game and making my own
 the other collaborator's game doesnt update
 yet it shows that we are still collaborating together
 ah, it is very confused
 the collaborator has the old game (with 16 tiles) and the other laptop has
the modified game (with 4 tiles)
 if i click the tile in row 1, column 2, the equivalent row 1 column 2 tile
turns over on the other laptop as well
 but the tile contents are totally different (since the games are different)


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