[Sugar-devel] sugar.po (localization): "Your documents folder is empty": translation not updated

samy boutayeb s.boutayeb at free.fr
Sun Sep 25 06:35:40 EDT 2011

Hi again,

I just uptated to Sugar 0.93.5 (6 customized) from 21th Sep. and
noticied that for some strings (at least the string "Your documents
folder is empty" from glucose94/sugar.po), the English text is displayed
instead of the localized version (for instance in French).
I am not sure if this translation from glucose94, which doesn't appears
in glucose/sugar.po, should be available in Sugar 0.93.5. However, other
strings (for instance "Sort by date modified", which are both in Glucose
and Glucose94), are correctly displayed in French in Sugar 0.93.5.

My apologies if this sounds confusing. I feel myself a bit confused
between the different versions of Glucose, as the localization is
If the question raised is definitely not an issue, please ignore it ;-)


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