[Sugar-devel] de-hippo'd CanvasIcon: windowed or not?

Marco Pesenti Gritti marco at marcopg.org
Sun Sep 18 16:34:59 EDT 2011

On 18 September 2011 18:19, Daniel Drake <dsd at laptop.org> wrote:
> So even though one of the lower levels has changed internally, the
> problem is still the same.
> However, with GTK3's change to directly pass in a cairo context to the
> expose/draw handler, it doesn't feel as hacky to set an alpha channel
> on it.

If my understanding is correct (I haven't tested) in GTK3 you should
be able to get transparency by using either cairo_set_source_rgba in
expose, gdk_window_set_background_rgba on a GdkWindow, or by
specifying it in a theme css. None of these is an hack. At lower level
what we get should be pretty much the same as hippo.

I'm not sure about GTK2. I suppose it might work if X supports
composite, you set an rgba colormap on the widget and you use
cairo_set_source_rgba. I'm not quite sure it's worth to spend time on
it because the results might vary depending on X/graphics hardware and
we are going to use the client side path very soon anyway with the
GTK3 port.

So getting back to your question, I think we should go with the
transparency option because it's not nasty but properly supported in


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