[Sugar-devel] [Analyze]: what is translatable in ''<Buddy %(path)s>. ...''

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Sat Sep 17 19:17:52 EDT 2011


The full context for [1] is
self.ps_watcher.log('Calling <Buddy %s>.GetProperties()', object_path)

in general, everything within the quote marks except %s is translatable but

this appears to be some kind of programming diagnostic message and the universal language of programming is English

GetProperties() would not be translated because that is the procedure name that has been called

Do you call procedures in French? Should Buddy be translated? It depends what a French speaking programmer would find a useful diagnostic message.


> Hi again,
> In the activity Analyze, I wanted to localize a few mixed strings, where
> it is difficult to decide where is the translatable text and the
> untranslatable variable.
> For instance, in [1]:
>   Calling <Buddy %s>.GetJoinedActivities()
> or in [2]:
>   <Buddy %(path)s>.GetProperties() -> %(props)r
> My guess is that in [1] one should translate "Calling" and "Buddy", and
> in [2], one should only translate "Buddy".
> could someone confirm what is translatable in those strings?
> samy
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